Friday, June 23, 2017

kyoto, always kyoto

journey of nishijin ~西陣織ができるまで~ from nishijinrensei on Vimeo.

where the action is.
have a good summer weekend.

neki desu
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

happy solstice!

hanging in here; today 36ºc expected.this is northern spain not andalucia. trying to make it until tomorrow when temps will be back to normal ,a blessed 20º can people be negationists i'll never understand.

neki desu
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

who would have thought

that the heat wave would visit us? yesterday was very hot 31ºc. too hot for northern spain. people on the street looked congested, red and ready to drop of and tomorrow 34 º temp expected. then on thursday all back to normal;that's the carrot on the stick. the good news is that at night temps go down to around 19º, a privilege the med area does not enjoy.

 saying again too hot to weave, i dedicated my efforts to making the warp chains for the next project. i need 34 of them so the beginning was rather slow.
decided  that every 4th chain  would begin with a black silk yarn of the same grist as the linen which is a 32 singles. what i have in mind is some kind of  white on  white patterning that will give a brocade look. weft is going to be  same yarn as the warp.
need to check handweaversnet for a draft.

neki desu
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